Pupa Clic - Agile Development Mobile, Web and Smart Electronics Stacks (IoT) Mobile App Web and IoT – Smart Devices Development


We build Apps to Automate processes with tech stacks in Mobile, Web and IoT.

We don't just code

At Pupa Clic we implement a Rapid Agile Development mode of operation where our processes include :

  • Thought – Idea Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Milestone Development
  • Rapid Minimum Viable Product – MVP Deployment
  • Global product scalability through Technology transformations by constant upgrades

Being a task force for technology developments, we update ourselves constantly in Mobile, Web and Smart Electronics Stacks (IoT) from electronic firmware builds to the latest developments in code.


TECHNOLOGY STACKSnext generation technology integration


Custom CRM

Custom CMS

Report Generation Tools

Backend Management Tool

Analytics Dashboards

Process Flow Managements

Work Flow Managements


Chat Applications


Hardware Controllers

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality


Process Managements

Flow Managements

GPS Tracking

Fleet Management

Data Captures

Smart Electronics (IoT)

Micro Controller Firmware code

Hardware Prototyping

Bluetooth Firmware Code

WiFi Firmware Code

Custom Android OS Builds

App Controllers

Display Adapters and Streamers


we build value into technology

275 projects deployed

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