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An Efficient App for Online shopping

An Efficient App for Online shopping

We at Pupa Clic create efficient tools for online shopping to assist any person on the other end of an Online platform.Teddy and Giggles By Pupa Clic ,an efficient management tool and user interactive platform for kid moccasins.Our Management system tool has a varsities of modules.

Online Shopping Management modules

Customer friendly Registration and Login using online platforms Facebook,Twitter. Order management allows to use advanced filters to download product lists.Creation and editing of configurable products. Performs attribute assortment of all parameters including lists of values for drop down attributes as well as filtration. Sorting of attributes by their types.

Shipping integration module with delivery options makes it easy and convenient for any Client as a Web Shop owner.We provide our clients with a UI which gives customers multiple shipping options based on their locations. Added features:Customize shipping rates based on destination. Customize shipping rates based on cart weight, subtotal or quantity. You just choose which delivery options you want to offer on your web shop. Pickup locations shown on map ,customer flexible delivery.Our Management tool takes care of the rest and also displays the options on the checkout module.Integrates with customer checkout on your site to deliver donations with every purchase.

Pupa Clic uses various API’S for payments. Our features include Online Store to accept card payments.PayPal in one simple integration.Online refunding for both card, PayPal and box testing environment. Customer Services teams can use customer Vaulted information for orders.Supports multi-store, multi-merchant and multi-currency. Stored payment detail management customers can add and delete cards and PayPal accounts from customer account section. Process credit card, debit card and PayPal transactions from the storefront. Secure storage of customer payment details in the PCI-compliant. Provides advanced fraud protection (AVS and CVV).

At Pupa Clic we believe it’s simple to set everything up with the table-rate in the back-end. We also offer support for the installation and setup for the online store.

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