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Build. Develop. Operate.

Pupa Clic is a research and development IT firm which caters to development of Mobile Apps, Web Apps and Smart Electronics (IoT) as a service to clientele. From product development to infrastructure management we’ve become outsource CTO’s to many firms as a task force for tech. We comprise of professionals updating themselves in cutting edge technologies from Machine Learning to Block Chain incorporation.


We’re not your average development firm, we build ground breaking solutions and scale business in a catalytic growth with aide of technology.


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Build Idea


We break down Ideas through our Lean Agile model of development and provide the optimal execution flow of deployment to breach the market at fast pace and yield results.



We’re a task force for Technology catering to needs in Front-end, Mobile, Electronics – IoT and a full scale management Back-end in cloud or self hosted.



We don’t just deliver Ideas to Life we take a step further by rendering updates and iterations to support future technological breakthroughs and always ensure tomorrow is delivered today.

A task force equipped to handle Web, App, IoT stack

HTML 5 </> CSS 3 </> Php </> Node JS </> Angular JS </> REACT JS </> Symphony </> Laravel </> ionic </> java </> .net </> java </> JSP </> Micro controller firmware </> Linux Distro </> Progressive Web Application </> Augmented Reality </> Virtual Reality </> Android OS development </> Android </> iOS

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