Pupa Clic

A Research and Development IT Firm


About Us

Pupa Clic, a Chennai based Research and Development IT Firm is the final product of our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Deepak John .J who envisioned the company at a whole new level in the IT sector. Comprising of a firm ground work put in by our Founder and Managing Director, Pupa Clic accomplishes in delivering technological breakthroughs in adapting niche technologies.

We're motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our software and intellectual property to find creative solutions to business problems, develop breakthrough ideas, and stay connected to the current trends in the market.

Pupa Clic operations comprises of 3 Major Sector’s;

The Services division headed by Mr. Abishek .R which caters to the requirements and expectations of our clients and is well equipped to fulfil the corporate sector of the company's line-up with works on Augmented Reality, CMS Development/Web Service and provides ground support for R&D services

The Products division is lead by Mr. Antony Joseph Ephrem, who comprises of valiant individuals who are selected and enlisted to be associated with Pupa Clic upon efficient and profound performance of their respective skills and talents with the emerging software market.Over the years Pupa Clic has developed several products such as “Clic AR” – Augmented Reality Software, “PCCP” – Pupa Clic Control Panel for Cloud Based ERP and CMS Applications, “Clic View” – An Online Based 3D Model Viewer, “Pupa Lights” – A Swelcom R&D Product and “Social Ticker” – A VGP/Sociall.in R&D Product.

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