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IoT powered smart vending machine

IoT powered smart vending machine

In a world of automation, Pupa Clic is here to present a fully automated end to end smart vending machine which is also cloud connected to monitor stock, sales and device related functionalities. With mobile users increasing on an hourly basis, the Smart Vending system comprises of an App based ordering system which comprises of functionalities such as

  • GEO location based fridge selection
  • Vending machine based stock viewability
  • QR code based order collection system
  • Payment and processing

The vending machine also comprises of a tablet device which on a successful QR code scan allows the users to open the vending machine and select the products ordered from its App. If the wrong product is selected a buzzer is rung and also allows the user to purchase if needed.

A backend and restock functionalities are also present in the system, which has direct control on the vending unit.

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