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Augmented Reality – AR Engine for Jewellery – Builders Walk through – Games – Video Overlay and Virtual Laboratory

Augmented Reality – AR Engine for Jewellery – Builders Walk through – Games – Video Overlay and Virtual Laboratory

ClicAR is Pupa Clic’s proprietary Augmented Reality engine which is available for Android 4.0.3 above and for iPhone 3GS and above. It works as a completely autonomous application and is available as well for the development of own implementations in augmented reality. The engine comprises of various industry – market ready functionalities such as real view image mapping and tracking, 2D marker mapping, 3D rendering with files of 3DS and obj, Off camera Augment Content access and video overlays are just a few.

We’ve built many applications with Clic AR over the years and here are few of our notable works :

Ping Pong AR

Clic AR powered game Ping Pong AR is an easy game which gets activated when someone views the image (shown in the video Pupa Clic’s logo) on the App. With a basic game engine for score and image mapping the game can be utilized for various applications including adapting to real world games like Pokemon Go.

Project AR Labs

Deployed at various institutions, Project AR Labs replaced the conventional laboratory experiments with a virtual Lab setup where students can access the experiments and perform them using their laptop or mobile with the web interface and App.

Real World Tracking and Overlay

Clic AR’s engine was incorporated in MICROS and image recognition was performed on a human body with 3D overlay.

Augmented Reality Jewellery Store

A simple App comprising of viewing the image target and capturing the moment to share in Social Media was incorporated for various banner based Ads.

Augmented Reality Video Overlay

Walk throughs are utilized in large scale in the construction line, Clic AR becomes the perfect engine to render them onto the landscape drawings where there is an immersive experience.

Augmented Reality eStore

Here Layar (3rd party augmented reality engine) was used to create an eStore experience onto a paper advertisement.

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