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Employee Benefits Management System

Employee Benefits Management System

An employee benefits management solution comprising of a custom CRM backend on web and App was developed for a firm comprising of 3 branches in India with an employee base of 4,500 rendering the following deliverables:

Project AIM:

To deploy an employee benefits management portal (EBM) on the cloud.

  • An android application for Employee Rating and Customer Reviews Accumulation.
  • A backend dashboard login for statistical data accumulation, viewing and analysis.


  • Backend (Browser):
    • Dashboard
      • Employee Leaderboard section wise
    • Employee Management
      • Employee database
        • Employee ID
        • Employee name
        • Employee photo
      • Employee rating history
    • Section & Floor Management
      • Employee Assigning
      • Floor to section distribution
    • Section Manager Login Management
      • Create
      • Modify
    • HR Login Management
      • Create
      • Modify

 APP (Mobile/ Tablet):

  • Customer Review
  • Employee Search Option
  • Customer review form respective to the employee
    • Employee review (stars)
    • Comments
  • Section Manager Login
  • Tabs
    • Non-rated Employee
    • Rated Employee
    • Customer Reviews
  • Employee rating form
    • Appearance
    • Discipline
    • Punctuality
  • Customer review approval
  • Employees rights (visibility based on respective section)
  • HR Login
    • List of Employees
    • Employee Search Option
    • Employee rating form
      • Appearance
      • Discipline

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