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Chat Bots built by Pupa Clic – PC

Chat Bots built by Pupa Clic – PC

Over the past 5.5 years, the Pupa Clic engineer’s have worked in a lot of chatbot based applications in various domains and industries ranging from manufacturing and workflow automation. Some of our notable developments have been enclosed below.

Recipe searches

A messenger bot was created for (Asia’s largest food blogging platform) which allowed users to enter a recipe name and retrieve cards based out of the site search list. We also added the option to search for food news based filter making it a quick stop way for any food-based searches.

Task manager

Tasks are always which makes sense when people go with a conversational flow and not just to know the status and assign the next. A telegram bot was devised which provided the functions such as

  • Asks user for the task at hand
  • Prompts user if the task needs a follow from the bot
  • EOD if the task isn’t complete
    • Bot moves the task to backlog 1 of the sprint
    • Bot follows up by requesting an estimated time to completion
    • 20mins before the estimated time a message is sent requesting if the task completion is on track or already completed

Basic HR

A basic HR bot was created on slack which prompts the user if he/she is present and if on leave the reason is requested along with the GEO to be sent.

Real estate lead chat with calendar management

A web-based chat system which allows users to access the latest offerings of the site. It provides options such as push notifications and schedule management which allows a user to place a meetup booking in ical.

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