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Ecommerce Development for Moccasin Boutique – Review

Ecommerce Development for Moccasin Boutique – Review

Pupa Clic has been handling the tech side of things for Teddy and Giggles (Shoe Pop Up Store), and below is their review on our work with them.

Pupa Clic Technologies designed and built a Magento website with a CMS backend and Braintree and PayPal payment processing. They also provided e-commerce and SEO consultation services.

THE REVIEW : “I liked the personal care given to my brand.”

Feedback summary:

Pupa Clic Technologies offered valuable expertise in online retail, hosting, SEO, graphics, and Google Analytics. The team has a positive, cohesive dynamic that allowed them to remain flexible. They were receptive, attentive, and responsive, often returning contact within minutes.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I design and sell baby moccasins. The business currently has two employees and we are based in Chicago. It was started as a side-project for me and we give most of our earnings to charity for kids with congenital diseases.


What challenge were you trying to address with Pupa Clic?

I needed to create a website and wanted some help with marketing for my moccasin business. I needed some sort of online platform, as well as someone who could guide and brainstorm with me.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Pupa Clic architected and built a Magento website for me from scratch, and taught me how e-commerce and SEO worked. It’s a dynamic, interactive website where people can come in and buy the products they want. We have a CMS backend and worked with Braintree and PayPal for payment processing. They were very involved when it came to pictures as well. Pupa Clic, went beyond the scope of just development, suggesting what pictures and graphics would actually look good on my site.

In terms of design, I had a certain vision in my mind when it came to the color scheme. They offered a good 50 suggestions, which I could tweak and compare with other relevant websites. Pupa Clic provided some competitive research and analysis for me, challenging me to think about things in a certain way. They also advised me on where I should host the website, how I should keep track of all the data on it, and how I should use Google Analytics.

What is the team dynamic?

Deepak John, their CEO, was my first contact, and he introduced me to his team. I liked their dynamic—they feed off of each other, they’re funny and smart, and are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. The team cohesiveness shows in their work, and I never had a problem collaborating with any of them. I actually enjoyed the whole process, even though many people say that web creation can be stressful.

How did you come to work with Pupa Clic?

I received a referral from one of their previous clients, who said that Pupa Clic was an attentive group. There are so many options in the web development world, that I decided to just trust my contact.

How much have you invested with them?

The cost of the first website was around $700. I have also worked with them in the capacity of my day job. Overall, the cost of Pupa Clic’s services was around $10,000.

What is the status of this engagement?

I worked with Pupa Clic starting in December 2015 for a 2-month project. I had been in touch with them for a good 8 months, sharing ideas and making tweaks based on the audience I was trying to tackle.


What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

Most of my business is done in person. I do not have the capacity to scale it, which made me nervous to put the site online since there would be no point in getting more orders if I couldn’t keep up with them. It was mostly me who hesitated, since it would be easier to control the business by restricting the use of my site to in-person pop-up shops, booths and so on, where I could control the inventory directly. However, I have made marketing brochures based on designs from my website. The fact that Pupa Clic has experience working with online retail is great, even for a smaller capacity.

How did Pupa Clic perform from a project management standpoint?

I never met the team in person. It almost boggles my mind how technology can allow a business to grow, even when we are worlds apart. I use WhatsApp a lot, and we were in constant touch with email and video. Pupa Clic was very receptive and attentive; I knew that any text I sent would be returned within 15-20 minutes. I feel that I know them, which goes to testify how good they are at relationship building. Whenever I’ve asked for changes and moved things around, and they handled it with patience and a sense of humor.

What did you find most impressive about them?

What makes Deepak and his team very different is that they want to excel in what they do. As a customer, when I go to them with an idea, I am looking for someone to challenge me, brainstorm ideas and help me think outside the box. This is what Pupa Clic does. Beyond just web development, they’ve worked with me as a consultant, helping me understand things I hadn’t understood before, like SEO and Google Analytics. I liked the personal care given to my brand, and I think it’s what makes Pupa Clic stand out among all other companies. They are smaller by comparison, which doesn’t discredit them, but they are great at what they do.

Overall Score : 5.0

Scheduling ON TIME / DEADLINES4.0




THE REVIEWER : Shoe Pop Up Store – United States of America


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