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Let your car talk back

Let your car talk back

Fuel Book is a plug and play IoT device which turns any car into a smart car. Comprising of a custom built firmware chip and Bluetooth stack the response time is fast and accurate with no data loss or lag.








Fuel Book has been Hunted (Product Hunt) –   www.producthunt.com/posts/fuelbook

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Fuel Book comprises of a self-installable plug and play device and an app (Android, iOS and Windows phone) which together creates a Smart environment through the diagnostic port of the car (which can be found using the Fuel Book app). Once you connect the Fuel Book device to the car, launch the App and connect (through Bluetooth) to the device to open a new world of possibilities with your car such as Fuel Analysis, Diagnostics, Tag, Accident Prevention, Locating your car, Finding you a parking location, Opening of Doors/Trunk, Even starting your cars Engine all from a tap on your phone !

Smart Environment with Apps:

We found Fuel Book to have a greater potential, hence have launched an open SDK and App store for developers to create Fuel Book powered App’s and Accessories (imagine a rear view camera which also acts like a security cam).

Here are some of the features (Fuel Book Apps as we like to call it) which are readily available with Fuel Book and also provides visual data to the HUD.
Fuel Analysis:

Fuel Book will let you know at which point you’ll run out of fuel based on your car’s status and also display nearby ATM’s and Fuel Stations (Gas Stations) before you run dry. It also sends a notification to your smart watch (tested with Android Wear and Pebble) so you can always stay updated. Fuel Book also add’s new Fuel Stations into the map, e.g.; a person has filled up at a fuel station not available in the map, due to the rise in Fuel, fuel book knows you’ve filled up and prompts you to rate the Fuel station experience.


Through Fuel Book’s self-diagnostics feature users can diagnose their car and look into what’s the problem such an exhaust clog, type of engine trouble, etc. It also provides the ability to generate a approx. cost evaluation for solving the problem if any exists.


You can easily create custom dashboards and share it with the Fuel Book community or download hundred’s from the Fuel Book App store to add life to that plain old needle in your car.


The Tag feature is targeted towards those travelling in groups so that you can know whether they are ahead or trailing behind.

Black Box:

The Fuel Book black box is like an aeroplanes black box. If you ever meet with an accident you can utilise Fuel Book as an alibi as it records your driving speed, gear shifts and break’s every second. It also notifies the registered emergency number along with the GPS coordinate through an SMS or another Fuel Book user if your in the tag mode.

Social Terrain Mapping:

Wanted to take a path but not sure how the road is going to turn out ! Well with the Social Terrain Mapping of Fuel Book, all road bumps and speed breakers are stored through the experience of other Fuel Book users who had travelled previously through the same route. The Fuel Book notifies the driver to slow down when the Bump/Speed breaker is near and makes a noise if the user travels at a speed of 60 during night time.

Smart Horn:

With Smart Horn you can now know what’s the hold-up on the Traffic Jam by sending a message to the user in the front asking what’s the holdup. We’re targeting smart horn at the hospital segment by equipping Fuel Book’s in Ambulances to notify users in the path taken by the Ambulances to make way.

AI Engine:

The AI Engine is a backend driver analysis feature which runs silently in the Fuel Book’s background and sends user driving characteristics data to our 128bit encrypted cloud storage. In a layman’s perspective Fuel Book will know based on the driving data weather you will make a turn to the left or the right, or at what point in time you will accelerate and hit the brake. By using the data, our AI engine analysis Fuel Book powered vehicles coming your way or near you  provides a Smart caution notification if it senses trouble.

Fuel Book’s AI Engine saves lives. We’ve completed beta tests with cab drivers and are now ready for a full launch.

Park Track:

Parked your car in a massively huge parking lot and have no clue where it is? well with Fuel Book you can utilize the park track feature to pin point the exact location of where you parked last and also the history of parks so that you can always go back if you had lost something along the way. Park Track also has an option to Publish your parking space along with attributes to know if it’s a Free parking space or not (with the cost) so that another user searching for a parking space can easily find the way.
Reward Points:

Haven’t you always wanted to challenge your neighbor based on your driving skills, mileage, location discovery, etc. Well with Fuel Book you can do that and so much more by even utilizing these points for Fuel Book store purchases and earning badges along the way.

Fuel Book SDK’s and Fuel Book powered Accessories:

What we as a team have done is just the start, were inviting Developers and Hardware enthusiasts to develop and build Fuel Book App’s and Accessories so that the possibilities are endless.

You can even unlock/start the engine/open the boot of your car with a knock on your phone or Smart Watch!

Fuel Book can receive simple alerts and notifications from if this then that (ifttt.com) or our web based RESTful endpoint. More adventurous developers can use the Fuel Book SDK and Hardware API, with its Arduino-like abstractions and simple C structure, to gain complete control of the car.

Fuel Book Powered HUD:

With the HUD, you can save battery on your smart phone and keep your eyes on the road all the time.

  • During our testing we found certain cars have the diagnostics port enclosed behind a cover and it was even harder to get the GPS Lock hence we’ve placed the GPS on the HUD rather than the Fuel Book device since the GPS Lock time is 15 x Faster
  • The HUD will also save your phone’s battery by not using the phone’s inbuilt GPS and using the ping location provided by the HUD
  • You can custom design the HUDs appearance with the Fuel Book App and place the Apps whose notifications you wish to see
  • The HUDs Smart Assistant will respond to when asked with the hot word “Fuel Book”, e.g; “Fuel Book” “Where Am I” (or) “Nearest hotels in the area”
  • The colorful ePaper display with ambient sensor allows the HUD to be the brightest at any given time of the day
  • Boosted with a 2000 mAh battery the HUD is capable of providing 5 continuous days of vigorous usage and up to 10+ days on casual usage and with the solar cells in place you ca have a tangle free experience on drive.
  • The Smart Sensor automatically turns the HUD on only when the Car is started
  • You needn’t be connected to the Fuel Book device for displaying device data such as Speed, Fuel Status and Diagnostics

Were Awesome Inside Out !

  • ARM Cortex M3 Chipset
  • RAM (128 Kilobyte memory) | 102 kilobyte OS | 26 kilobyte sensor data (7 days Sensor Data Store)
  • Storage Memory (800 kilobyte)
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) (iOS 5+)
  • Radio Frequency (433 MHz)
  • NFC for pairing
  • 3-axis Accelerometer (ADXL345)
  • Magnetometer (HMC5883L – Triple axis)
  • Temperature (DS18B20 – Water Proof)


  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C and 6 running iOS 5 + or any iPod Touch with iOS 5+.
  • Android devices running OS 2.3 and up. We tested ours with Android Lollipop (5.0)
  • ‎Windows Phone 8.1 +
  • The Pebble smart watch & Android wear devices (Apple watch app development in progress)


Q. I have an idea for a Fuel Book App can you make it ?
  • Sure, leave it in the comments section and we’ll take things forward and provide you the credits in the App store for the feature idea.
Q. Do I need batteries for the device ?
  • No you do not require any batteries.
Q. Is my car compatible with Fuel Book ?
  • Fuel Book works with all cars sold in US since 1996 and in India since 2002 and with Fuel Book’s port finder, you will always know where to find the diagnostics. If your still unsure, leave us a comment and we’ll get back.
Q. Does it work with Blackberry ?
  • We haven’t looked at developing for Blackberry but if you have an OS in mind, do comment it and we’ll let you know.
Q. Does it have an inbuilt Sim card slot ?
  • No. It uses your phone’s data service to perform cloud based analysis
Q. Can I disable any feature of Fuel Book ?
  • All Fuel Book features are in the form of an App in the Fuel Book store, features which you dont like can be uninstalled as per your wish except Diagnostics, Rewards Points, Fuel Analysis and Dashboard
Q. Can Fuel Book store my Car service history and provide me with a notification when the service date is near ?
  • Fuel Book’s car management allows you track services, diagnostics logs and also notifies you when your service dates are near.

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