Smart home automation simplified by Pupa Clic -

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Smart home automation simplified by Pupa Clic

Smart home automation simplified by Pupa Clic

At Pupa Clic we’ve been involved a lot in building IoT solutions for Industries and Home, and we know on the ground level the difficulties in setting up an automated home. After a year into research in 2012, we developed a range of automation solution switches, which snugly goes behind your conventional board, thereby allowing you to have both a manual and app controlled mode of operation.

Swelcom Smart Controller - Smart LED

Swelcom Smart Controller

The Features of the App include but not limited, the ability to change the color tone, brightness and pulse based on the music played on the handset or set it to a sequence. Analyse the notifications received and provide a message conscience color to the LED. The controller also acts as an amplifier thereby allowing it to even control n number of LED strips connected to it.

The controller was deployed to Club Mahindra, Coorg and various other places in India through Swelcom.

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