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Address Verification System Automation

Address Verification System Automation

Pupa Clic is here to propose to you a new address verification system termed the “MOBFOS”. The most innovative way for you to track down every operation of a field executive who verifies details provided by a customer. It is a mobile workforce operational system that replaces your hassle of paper work.

The main features of our app are Geo tracking of the field executive to ensure if the work is being done. Enclosing of cases through an  offline draft verification  and Sync when online. We also ave an IMEI session lock, if one field executive is verifying a particular process through the app. An other field executive  cannot login to the same process by using IMEI. Added features in our application also includes capturing of images for reason of failure to enclose a case.

The process of verification through our app is simple and efficient. It starts from importing the list of customers for the day into the CRM. The role of team Leader is to assign the task to a Field Executive (FE) by importing the list . The list of cases to be verified are assigned automatically to FE by syncing the data. The FE executive verifies the data given by a click through a telephone number and encloses the case for closure if verified. If essentials details were not processed to close the case ,the FE has an option of stopping the process.

The team leader verifies the case by searching through the pin code and reassigning a process back to the FE since the process is declined.The Analytical report can be viewed by the team leader of the number of cases assigned,reassigned,declined. The report of the cases can be generated by various options  such as exporting the list of verified customers or Exporting a Master Report.

Our address verification platform usually used by the telecom operators and banking Sector during Sim verification and loan validations. We at Pupa Clic ensure our clients to have the best experience for an address verification system using “MOBFOS”



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